ICT Outsourcing Agency


More and more organisations are outsourcing some or all of their ICT functions to a service provider or the cloud. It means they can free up resources to focus on core business, while gaining access to better ICT infrastructure and services. There's a small catch. The service provider's and the customer's commercial interests aren't 100% aligned. The service provider wants to maximise revenue; the customer wants to reduce costs. So there's a clear mismatch of commercial interests.
In addition, managing a service provider requires a deep understanding of technology, its architecture, and the specific services and outcomes that are expected to be delivered. According to Gartner research, the typical cost of managing an ICT managed service or outsourcing contract is 8-15% of the annual cost of the service.
Many organisations just don't have the skills or the time to manage their service providers effectively. This means they're not achieving the outcomes they want nor receiving the best value for their money.
Frame is able to optimise the services you receive from your ICT service providers. We assist you to align services with your organisation's business requirements and, at the same time, look for ways to reduce the costs of those services.

By optimising your ICT outsourcing, Dukes is able to help you:

  • reduce your recurring ICT charges
  • more effectively and efficiently manage your ICT Service Providers
  • better align your ICT services to your business requirements

And we're able to provide this service at a lower cost than is typical when using internal resources. What's more, you can easily recover that cost with the savings we'll help you achieve.

To optimise your ICT outsourcing, we:
  • identify and measure the alignment of your ICT services to your business requirements
  • evaluate what's required of ICT services for better performance and to meet business goals
  • ensure you're receiving the services you're expecting from your contracts
  • report on the performance of your ICT service providers
  • find ways to reduce the cost of services
  • verify your ICT service providers are not overcharging.


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