Company Profile

What we are

Dukes' Interactive Systems is an IT firm that is dedicated in providing a comprehensive range of Customised Software Solution, General Hardware supply, installation and maintenance.
The company is built on the skills and experience of a group of outstanding professionals, all of whom have proven track records.
Dukes' was established in 2nd August, 2004 and has over the years gained a great deal of maturity in its area of operation.

Our Core Values

Customer Focus
Trust Worthy
Diligence (Performance Culture)
Social Responsibility

Our Mission Statement

To develop world class, top quality software and other ICT services that transform our customers’ business by empowering them to achieve persistent growth and to Influence our community with values of excellence, performance and mutual respect...

Our Vision Statement

We intend to be the leading software developer in West Africa in value and market presence and particularly be a provider of cutting edge technologically advanced solutions


Why Choose Us?

We offer the best products and services that will suit your business needs. We customize our products to suit the exact need of your business to ensure maximum productivity from your business.

We are always available to assist you with maintenance if you buy from us. Our technical team is always available to provide you with the necessary maintenance, upgrade or backups that you need.

Our Services

We use the modern Web framework development tools and languages to build websites and even web application for your clients. We use tools such as HTML5, CSS3, bootstrap, Joomla, WordPress, JS etc to build very robust and highly competitive websites
We have generic (All-Ready Developed) softwares which supports the core functionalities of your business Also, we develop customised softwares to suit the exact operations of your business. We use modern software development technology tools to give you the best functionalities you desire for your business.
We develop, manage and maintain databases for our customers irrespective of the size of your institution. We use modern database management tools such as Oracle and MySql. We ensure that your database is fully optimised for and void of anomalies.
We provide you networking services to expand the scope of your operations. We use the latest networking infrastructure to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of your networks.
Need help with any issue pertaining to the world pf ICT? Do you need any training ? How about a systems auditing to detect any anomaly in your existing system? Are you looking to outsource any of your operations or projects? Relax, pick your phone and give us a call
Having troubles identifying the loop holes in your existing system? Or is your system been tampered with? Then, count on us to provide you a thorough system audit to identify all loop holes in your system.
We offer corporate IT training to boost the level of knowledge of individuals as well as groups. You can count on us to give you the best standard training in all aspects of information systems.


  • Address: Box AN 8029
    Accra - North
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  • Mobile Number: +233(0) 244 675 246 / +233(0) 261 453 985